Exploring West Virginia's Gems

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Ritchie County

Step into the tranquility of Ritchie County, where lush landscapes and a close-knit community define the essence of living. From historical landmarks to recreational spots, explore the richness of this county that we're proud to call home.

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Ritchie County Fairgrounds

Step into a world of tradition and festivity at the Ritchie County Fairgrounds. From agricultural showcases to thrilling rides, this venue hosts events that bring the community together. Experience the joy of fairs and celebrations that honor our heritage.

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Doddridge County Park

Discover Doddridge County Park, a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the beauty of its trails, tranquil waters, and vibrant flora. Whether you're an avid hiker, a birdwatcher, or simply seeking serenity, this park offers a rejuvenating escape.

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Pleasants County Parks

Pleasants County Parks are a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. With a range of facilities, from sports fields to picnic spots, these parks are perfect for family outings and community gatherings. Unwind, play, and create lasting memories in the heart of nature.

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Tyler County Speedway

Experience the adrenaline rush at Tyler County Speedway. From roaring engines to dirt-track excitement, this speedway is where motorsports come alive. Join the crowd, feel the energy, and cheer for your favorites as they race towards victory.

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